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PRAISE THE LOVE of our Lives, Jesus Christ! Thank you VERY much for your interest in submitting videos, for our 'Ministry Videos' format. You are GREATLY appreciated. To submit Ministry videos for consideration, simply fill out the corresponding 'Video Submissions' form, listing in the "comment" section the type of video you wish to see on our website (i.e., Christian music video, preaching or teaching, Christian short film, etc.), and the channel(i.e. youtube.com, Godtube.com, vimeo.com), or link to your videos, if you have one, where we can view a variety of your productions, or simply email the video or videos with their corresponding HTML coding to: theblood@myjesusmedia.com. Please do not email us no more than three videos. We will respond to you promptly with further instructions, letting you know if your 'Ministry Videos' have been accepted to our site. Thanks again for considering us to partner alongside you to further the spreading of the Gospel Message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless!
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